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Don Chido is a Latin-Korean fusion food truck in Williamsburg, VA specializing in modern street food - from tacos to tapas!

My name is Abner Alva Cano. I grew up in Guatemala in a family who loves food! Today, I'm the owner, operator, and mastermind behind Don Chido. It's been my dream to own a restaurant since I worked in my mother's restaurant as a boy in Guatemala. When I graduated high school, my plans were to attend college but they were put on hold. At a loss, I was uncertain about my future. After speaking with a friend who was living in the United States, I decided I had nothing to lose and that I would immigrate to America. Looking back, I am very thankful I took this path because it has opened up many opportunities for me. 
When I came to the U.S., I started out working in restaurants. Since a kid, I knew this is what I wanted to do. I began getting to know all the ingredients from the cultures. When I tried Korean food, I was hooked and began experimenting with blending different flavors. I started melding Korean ingredients with my Latin roots. This is how I got the idea for my business. When I was ready to fully execute my plan, COVID struck. I didn't want to put my dream on hold any longer, so I got creative and the idea of a food truck was born. Although COVID slowed down life all together, I stayed persistent putting final touches on my menu, getting permits, and doing everything necessary to be successful. Don Chido took full launch August of 2020. 
One of my most frequently asked questions is "why did you choose the name Don Chido?" In Guatemala, the word chido means "cool" and Don is a name usually used as "Mr.". It sounds very catchy and suave, and I thought it would be an amazing name for my food truck style.

Buen provecho!


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